Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tillman is cut...and some other guys

Chris Tillman was officially demoted to Norfolk. He took it well and hopes to quickly work his way back to the big leauges. I still disagree with the decision, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it. David Hernandez will be the fifth starter.

Pitchers Alfredo Simon, Alberto Castillo, and Ross Wolf, catcher Adam Donachie, and outfielder Jeff Salazar were also cut.

Inside word has it that Craig Tatum will be the backup catcher over Chad Moeller. I think Trembley just enjoys confusing people.

The last real decision to make then comes from the bullpen, where one cut remains to be made. The candidates are Matt Albers, Jason Berken, and Kam Mickolio. Hey I can solve this problem, let's throw Hernandez in the pen, send Berken to Triple A as an emergency starter/organizational filler guy, and put Tillman where he belongs. Then let's trade Albers before he gets injured again and give Mickolio a shot. Problem solved. Don't get me started on Ty Wigginton.


Matt said...

Haha, I guess my last comment should have said "Anyone but Wigginton in as DH?"

At least there seems to be a dilema over which talents to start now. I understand the Tillman demotion - it's gonna be a long season and he'll get plenty of time to play. No need to rush him into the new lineup, only to demote him later. It reminds me of Weiters last year.

I think Alfredo Simon and Salazar will be back at somepoint this year. Just a hunch.

Tatum over Moeller? I thought Moeller had been preforming well? I guess I missed something? How old is Tatum, by the way?

Tim said...

Tatum is 27 and it's Jeff Salazar, a minor league outfielder, not Oscar Salazar, the first basement they traded last year for Cla Meredith. I think the Tillman situatuin is a little different than the Wieters one from last year. Wieters was a rookie. Tillman already made over 10 starts last year in the majors.