Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 25 man it is!

Dave Trembley confirmed his starting rotation in the following order (LH denotes left-handed, RH right-handed):

1. RHP Kevin Millwood
2. RHP Jeremy Guthrie
3. LHP Brian Matusz
4. RHP Brad Bergesen
5. RHP David Hernandez - surprisingly beat out Tillman

The bullpen will almost certainly look like this, although technically there are still a few extra relievers left in camp:

6. LHP Mike Gonzalez
7. RHP James Johnson
8. LHP Will Ohman
9. RHP Cla Meredith
10. RHP Matt Albers
11. LHP Mark Hendrickson
12. RHP Jason Berken - likely earned long relief spot

The infield is set, with the utility position set, just unannounced

13. C Matt Wieters
14. C Craig Tatum - won backup role over veteran Moeller
15. 1B Garrett Atkins
16. 2B Brian Roberts
17. 3B Miguel Tejada
18. SS Cesar Izturis
19. 1B/3B Ty Wigginton
20. 2B/SS Robby Andino (replaced by Julio Lugo)

The outfield is final as well

21. LF Felix Pie - rewarded with Opening Day start
22. CF Adam Jones
23. RF Nick Markakis
24. OF Nolan Reimold
25. OF/DH Luke Scott


Matt said...

You know, it's not too bad. I could forsee Guthrie, Matusz, or Hernandez losing there spot at some point in the season. There's also a shot that old-man Millwood or Photo-shoot Bergeson may get hurt at somepoint. At least there's some talented guys like Tillman who the organization can bring up. Plus, Hendrickson, Albers, Berken, Uhara (sp?) could all spot start in the future. None of them would be great, but that's not the point. I hope Matusz and Bergesen keep progressing this year.

I still don't understand the Tatum pick, but I guess it's all good. Lets hope Wieters will play at least 3/4ths of the time anyways.
Atkins is terrible, which makes it even more confusing why the Os picked him up. He's been on the decline, and there's not much hope for him in holding over the 1b spot for more than a season. Lets hope our rookie prospects mature quick and can push Atkins onto the trade/cut block.

How's brob recovering? I hadnt been paying attention to his status.
I wonder if Tejada will be traded later this season? Think that's a posibility? I know we signed a two year deal, but he really isn't a long term solution. If he could bring in a few young guys, that'd be great.

The outfield looks legit, which is nice. I read a MacPhail quote saying the he though the team was ready to "compete." I don't know about the liklihood of that considering the AL East, but there's certainly some talent. The Ray's strategy of team building could work out as long as we're patient.

Mark said...

Who's blog is this ... ;-)

Tim said...

Matt - They signed Gregg Zaun to a 2 year deal and traded him last year. So Tejada could be traded, especially since we know he will not accept sitting on the bench. Atkins is definitely expendable if he doesn't do anything (which you have good reason to predict) and either Brandon Snyder or Josh Bell gets off to a hot start in AAA. Roberts claims to have no problems, so let's be cautiously optimistic and super glue our fingers crossed.

Matt said...

Sorry Mark... I need somewhere to expend my frustration with the Os, haha.