Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Training Update

The Orioles are 2-6 and playing sloppily, but there are more important things to worry about in Spring Training.

Brad Bergesen (right) finally made his return, allowing 1 run in an inning and a third. He didn't show his normal control, throwing only 17 of 35 pitches for strikes, but the key is that he seems healthy.

Brian Roberts (left), who suffered from a herniated disk and a virus or medical reaction that kept him out longer than expected, is optimistic about his chances of being ready by Opening Day. Andy MacPhail had expressed some concern.

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Matt said...

Most important thing to note: Matt Wieters on the cover of Sports Illustrated!

It may be the only time an Oriole makes an SI cover this year...

At least Berguson is back and healthy - I'm not too worried about him getting roughed up. I just wanted to see some arm movement and avoidance of dangerous TV advertisements.

I am a little worried about BRob getting hurt. He's always been a decent base-stealer, and I'd hate to see him lose that ability by becoming injury-prone. Plus, it can't help his trade valuable if he has an injury history. Hopefully a swift recovery is in store.