Friday, March 26, 2010

More cuts

In addition to Jake Arrieta, the O's have cut pitchers Frank Mata, Josh Perrault, and Dennis Sarfate. Infielders Brandon Snyder, Josh Bell, Michael Aubrey, Rhyne Hughes, and Pedro Florimon were also cut along with outfielder Jonathan Tucker.

Sarfate was my only surprise, but remember that he's not on the 40 man roster. That means the competition between Matt Albers, Kam Mickolio, and David Hernandez should heat up for a right handed spot or two in the bullpen. I expect that we will see Arrieta, Snyder, and Bell, the top 3 prospects at their respective positions, later in the season.


Mark said...

Hey Tim, With the most recent quality outings by Berken and Hernandez I suggest we keep both in the rotation and push Guthrie to the pen. Let Tillman get his innings in Norfolk so that he and Jake can be ready if either Berken or Hernandez falter. Quite frankly I'm more confident with either of these two then Guthrie at this point. What do you think?

Tim said...

Kevin Millwood just threw 8 scoreless innings and you can bet that he'll be an inning-eating veteran at the very least. I think Guthrie is in the same category. He gave up 2 runs in 5 innings in his last start, so let's call it a bad spring and put 2 "sure" veterans in the rotation. Don't forget he's a former 1st round pick who was rock solid just 2 years ago. I think Hernandez is best in the bullpen, his strikeout rate has been high in that role and low as a starter. As for Berken, he did end last year on a high note and has pitched well this spring. It's up to Trembley - I don't see a long term spot for him on the team. Tillman is obviously a front end starter of the future and proved last year that he is major leage ready. He hasn't even pitched that poorly this spring. A demotion may not be as good for him as you think.

Matt said...

I think the Os young pitching and hitting core looks solid - I'm curious to see how soon they call up prospects to fill out their lineup. Any predictions? How long until Wigginton is traded for a player "yet to be disclosed"?