Friday, February 6, 2009

Preview: The Outfield

Wow, I'm on fire today. Either that or I have no life. (I'm going to justify myself with the first option) Now let's look at the O's greatest strength, the outfield. The only problem is that they cannot keep them all on the team, which will lead to some tough choices. But you have to like the young combination of Pie, Jones, and Markakis.

Luke Scott - Scott will move to DH this season, although he could also be traded. I prefer the first option. He is streaky, but should build on last year's success.

Adam Jones
- I am excited to see how Jones does this year. I'm going to predict .280, 20 home runs, 80 runs, and 80 RBI's. Add 15 steals and a possible Gold Glove.

Nick Markakis
- I was extremely relieved to see him sign the six year contract. He's the best home grown player we've had since Ripken and we can't watch him go. In this year's improved lineup, he should return to 100 runs and 100 RBI's. Will he make the leap in home runs? My guess is he'll have 25-30, but no more.

Felix Pie
- I don't want to set any expectations on Pie. (no you do not say his name like pie as in the food) Hopefully, he is better at being Corey Patterson than Corey Patterson was.

Ryan Freel
- It's entirely possible that Freel might not make the team, which is a waste. He's a talented player and he can play the infield as well as the outfield. I'm not sure if they should have traded for him, but now that they have, they should make use of him. Maybe that means trading him for pitching.

Lou Montanez
- Montanez was very good last year. He won the Triple A Triple Crown even though he missed the last month because he got called up by the O's. He continued his success in the majors and should ideally be on the team. But there's simply no room for him. I blame that on the front office. Did they really need Freel, Wigginton, and Pie? (The answer is no in case you were wondering)

Nolan Reimold
- Reimold was a top prospect and is still a good one. He is a less athletic version of Nick Markakis. He is ready for the majors but is in the same situation as Montanez.

My Preferred Outfield:
LF Pie
CF Jones
RF Markakis
DH Scott
OF Freel (backup)

The O's Probable Outfield:
LF Pie
CF Jones
RF Markakis
DH Scott
OF Freel (backup)

Hey, they're the same!


ali said... have no life...


You and the Orioles agree for once... thank goodness...

Oh -- and thanks for following my blog -- that makes my grand total - 2. Wow. Incredible.

Matthew said...

They're outfield is solid all around. If anything, I wouldn't be disappointed if they traded Luke Scott for prospect pitching (I know, I know, blasphemy and such).

They really ought to teach the young guys to play SS/3B for their inevitable SS problems and eventual Mora injury or slacking production (age does that).

Markakis is the real champion of their outfield, but Jones could have a breakout year and Pie is a speed demon. I'm quite content with this squad.

Zach said...

I think it would be an absolute travesty if L-U-K-E didn't play left field this year. He is the undisputed clubhouse leader with his obvious charisma and good looks, and his monster of a bat doesn't hurt either.

Tim said...

Luke Scott is the clubhouse leader. He speaks English and Spanish, and he carries a concealed weapon at all times. What more can you ask for?

ali said...

A bilingual club house leader who can carry a concealed weapon --

You're spot on Tim -- you can't ask for anything more...

...Except maybe a pitcher named Garrett Olson, but that's just my personal opinion. Mr. Pie better do something incredible early on in the season so that I don't have to continue hating on him for being involved in the Olson trade. It's not fair for him or me.

Zach said...

wait the concealed weapon is his guns right?