Friday, February 6, 2009

Preview: The Infield

The weekend is here! Time for a quick post before I chill. The O's added Cesar Izturis to play short, and are ready to move Aubrey Huff from DH to first base. He will be the only defensive concern this year at any position.

Gregg Zaun - The Orioles signed the veteran catcher to start for the beginning of the year until Matt Wieters is ready and then to become the backup and mentor him. He is good defensively, but below average with a bat.

Matt Wieters - Unless the star prospect pwns Spring Training and the Orioles change their minds, he will have to wait until mid-May to start pwning full time. I feel like they should give him the spot if he earns it, like Markakis did a few years ago. Look how he turned out.

Synonymous Catchers - Gustavo Quiroz, Jose Reyes, Robby Hammock, Chad Moeller, Adam Donachie - If Zaun is below average with a bat, these guys shouldn't be allowed to touch a bat. But one of them will probably be Zaun's backup until Wieters gets called up; then they'll be released. Nice job description. I'm pulling for Quiroz, he's young, has upside, and caught for the O's last year... They'll give it to the old guy, Moeller.

Aubrey Huff - If he can come close to last year and play average defense...the O's still won't win many games. But it won't be his fault.

Brian Roberts - Hopefully he signs a contract extension like Markakis. Otherwise, he will be traded in the next five months. That would be a shame; I mean, he did use steroids once, but he apologized and he loves Jesus. That's good enough for me.

Melvin Mora - This is Mora's last year in Baltimore and for his sake I hope it's a good one. He has been a consistent player for Baltimore the past seven or so seasons. Maybe his kids will become the future O's infield. If he plays poorly, the O's could give Wigginton or a prospect his job.

Cesar Izturis - He will be a good double play combination with Roberts and be an upgrade over last year. Any offense will be a bonus.

Ty Wigginton - I like Wigginton. He's worked hard his whole career, has put up some good numbers, especially against lefties, and can play first, second, and third. But his presence will probably cost someone else, namely Scott Moore, Lou Montanez, or Nolan Reimold. I would have liked to see the O's give one of those young players a chance. They are a rebuilding team. (Aren't they, Andy MacPhail?)

Scott Moore - Moore has good potential. He's a former first round draft pick. He plays first and third, and played shortstop last year in the minors. He needs to hit really well and prove he can master shortstop though, because the O's don't appear to think as highly of him as I do. Keep in mind he has no options left, so this is his last shot to stick with the O's.

Others - Chris Gomez, Donnie Murphy, Oscar Salazar - These guys had a legitimate opportunity before Wigginton was signed. Gomez could make the team if the O's decided they needed him at shortstop. Salazar is unfortunate. He is a good hitter, but 30, and probably won't be used by the O's again. He should catch on with another team.

My Preferred Infield:
C Wieters
1B Huff
2B Roberts
3B Mora
SS Izturis
C Zaun (backup)
IF Wigginton (backup)
IF Moore (backup)

The O's Probable Infield:
C Zaun
1B Huff
2B Roberts
3B Mora
SS Izturis
C Moeller (backup)
IF Wigginton (backup)

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Matthew said...

You know, their infield really isn't all that bad. If you add one superstar at short stop, you'd have some (relatively) good offensive production. A young, steriod free Tejada would be nice.

Man, it really is the pitching staff that completely ruins the Orioles. I'm cautiously optimistic for their IF and OF, though.