Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1/4 of the way through

I haven't been able to post much as I'm not exactly in the country, but I looked in and saw we're about a quarter of the way through. If things continue this is what the O's are on pace for:

1. Their record will be 53-109. My guess is they will just barely avoid 100 losses.

2. Ty Wigginton will hit 49 home runs. I'm going to cut that number in half.

3. Garrett Atkins will finish with 0 home runs and 24 RBIs in 446 ABs. I seriously hope the O's would be smart enough to find someone else to play first base if he keeps that pace up,

4. In 479 ABs, resurging Corey Patterson will have 147 hits, 37 of them home runs, and add 37 more stolen bases. He'll also strike out 111 times. Of all those numbers, I trust the 111 the most. He'll fade some naturally and move down in the lineup when Brian Roberts returns,

5. Will Ohman will retain his perfect ERA while appearing in 85 games. This guy is too good to be true, something's gotta give.

6. Kevin Milwood will pitch 250 innings of 3.64 ERA and be winless with a record of 0-16. I hope the poor guy has some luck, that's all he should need - you know a run or 2 every once in a while.

7. Alfredo Simon will save 36 games, striking out 71 in 71 innings while issuing 50 walks. Those numbers are a little extreme. Let's give him 20-25 saves and shrink those other numbers by 10 each.

8. Luke Scott will go back and forth from hitting .177 with 3 home runs in 24 games to hitting .455 with 6 home runs in 9 games. Absolutely true - which puts him at a .259 average and 37 HRs at the end of the season.

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Matt said...

I don't know about missing 100 losses. The AL East is just too good (even the bumbling Sox), and Os are close to being the worst team in all of baseball (the only exception being, maybe, the Royals).

I think you're spot on with your other predictions. In fact, I picked up Luke Scott in fanbase a few days ago...