Saturday, May 1, 2010

May predictions

Let's see...what will happen this month?

1. Brad Bergesen will rebound. After returning from the minors, that 12.19 ERA should come down. If he makes 5 starts, I will predict - 30 innings, 12 earned runs, and gasp...2 wins!

2. Kevin Millwood will be the first starter besides Brian Matusz to win a game. The guy has a 3.38 ERA - he'll win one eventually.

3. Nolan Reimold will step it up. With Felix Pie on the DL, the O's need him to. I predict his .193 average will go above .260 and he will hit 5 home runs in May.

4. Alfredo Simon will not be the closer. Neither will Jim Johnson, or anyone whose name has letters in it. There is no capable closer on this roster. Unless Mike Gonzalez miraculously returns to his former glory or all these relievers get their act together overnight, a closer by committee approach, which never works, will be the only option.

5. Dave Trembley will/will not be the manager. The biggest issue is the one I'm avoiding. I have no idea. Time will tell.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Trembley? Gone? Bold, but foreseeable. I think you're bound to be right.

Who do you think is on the radar as a replacement? Cal?