Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No, you are not mistaken

I am about to post. Why? Because there is actually stuff happening. Nolan Reimold has 4 home runs and 9 RBIs with a .264 average in 13 games compared to Felix Pie and Lou Montanez, who hit 2 home runs and 10 RBIs with a .199 AVG in a combined 53 games. And then of course Matt Wieters is coming up to replace the Gregg Zaun/Chad Moeller duo that's combined to hit .210 with 2 home runs and 6 RBIs.

Adam Jones and Nick Markakis, along with Reimold, are now making up one of the best outfields in baseball. We're also starting to see some new pitchers, like Brad Bergesen, Jason Berken, and David Hernandez, who aren't even the Orioles' elite prospects. They have done pretty well, and are a huge improvement over Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson. Rich Hill, despite his poor start today, has also been a pleasant surprise.

The Orioles have been winning some legit games lately, and although they probably won't be able to compete this year, I am starting to think that they are piecing things together. Now if they can only find a way to trade Ty "can't hit right handed or left handed pitchers" Wigginton and Jamie "only pitch to one batter" Walker, I might start blogging again. But for now, we're off to a good start.


ali said...



My brother is trying to convince me to take him to Matt Weiter's debut on Friday. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the Pens are up to -- I'm certainly not missing a Stanley Cup game for his debut. Sorry Matt.

I liked the new kid who pitched last night, but there's no way I'm becoming a fan of an Orioles pitching prospect again, we all know what happens to them... Oh Hayden Penn. You know we wish we had him in our line-up right now.

Matt said...

Brad Bergesen was the bomb yesterday. And forget about Matt Weiters - Luke Scott was the real news.

I'm liking the new look of the Os right now. Anytime a team wins 5 straight, something had to have clicked. Even if it's just a small improvement, it makes me optimistic. We have a deep bunch of pitching prospects, which is worth getting excited about. Keep blogging Tim - any updates on the Os are welcomed.

ali said...

I did make it to the game last night -- best O's game I've been to. The fans actually seemed into the game... When everyone stood up to give Brad Bergesen a standing ovation it was awesome. I think I might have even got the chills. An Orioles pitcher pitching into the 9th? Incredible.

Matt Wieters will start hitting eventually -- I felt bad for him... every time he was up to bat everyone would stand and chant something to the tune of, "We have Wieters!!" Talk about pressure...

Things just might be looking up for the O's...