Monday, May 4, 2009

Giving Up

Today I saw a stat on yahoo. Using some sort of statistical program, the probability that the Orioles would make the playoffs was 3.5%. That's down from 7.8% last week, and the figure has consistently dropped. Despite a nice win tonight (big time production from my Roberts-Markakis fantasy duo), the O's are sitting at 10-16 and 4-14 in their last 18. Toronto is still looking strong despite pitching injuries, the Red Sox are returning to dominant form, and New York and Tampa Bay are working their way back up.

Therefore, I have decided to officially give up on the 2009 season. That's right. I'm calling it quits. I'm actually quite concerned about their future as well. Felix Pie hasn't worked out, Lou Montanez isn't stepping it up, and Nolan Reimold is solid in AAA but no Nick Markakis. The pitching is a mess, as well as the bottom third of the lineup. They are stuck with unnecessary and underperforming veterans who are blocking the path for their prospects.

Well, I'll still plan on keeping occasional tabs and post here and there, but I can only take so much. Peace out.


Matt said...

Don't give up on this! We still have to follow the Os, just for the sake of following them. I think there is a lot to be excited year.

In the mean time, there are many free T-shirts to be had.

ali said...

I agree with Matt on this one -- You can't give up Tim. Maybe you just don't want to blog anymore... huh Tim?

Oh, and t-shirt Tuesdays? I'm so there. We can think of it positively -- you can show up to the ballpark on a give away night without a ticket -- and still get a ticket -- and a giveaway. :)


David said...

Why does anyone ever have any optimism regarding the orioles? Even the prospect of Matt Wieters is not even enough to care.

Hayes said...

Tim, you're pessimism appalls me. It's hilarious to read but I do hope that you'll keep blogging so I can keep tabs on the Orioles through the lens of someone I respect.