Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lineup 2010

I thought I would use my new econometric skills to predict the optimal Orioles lineup for the upcoming season. Then I just decided to do what I thought looked best.

2B - Brian Roberts - gets on base and then steals some more
CF - Adam Jones - more ideal at #5, needs to strike out less, but currently the best option
RF - Nick Markakis - would be nice to see a little more power, say 25 HRs
LF - Nolan Reimold - probably not ready to bat cleanup, but has the best power potential
DH - Luke Scott - can't forget his hot streaks
1B - Garrett Atkins - need a right hander to even things out, not the cleanup hitter we need
C - Matt Wieters - keep the pressure off for now
3B - Ty Wigginton - maybe he will rebound if he's further down in the order
SS - Cesar Izturis - not enough pop to bat 2nd

Give me your proposed lineups. Maybe you have Michael Aubrey or Felix Pie in there. I could see some people moving Wieters up or Jones down.


ali said...

Nicky could go the way of sluggers in the past to gain more power, but I'm thinking that's probably not a good idea...

Reimold might be okay batting clean-up, he's set to continue surprising people, just like he did last year.

Here's to hoping that Matt Weiters actually finds out how to hit major league pitchers this year...

Good line-up Tim... I think you should quit college and just take over. haha

Tim said...

I'm tempted Ali

Matt said...

I like the first three, up to the first clean-up. Luke may not be in as often as we'd like, so you can expect some interchanging players to float around 5-7. Nolan would be solid at 5, if he continues playing like he indicated last year. Markakis or Jones could also slide down - that is, if they start showing more power and less speed (I dunno if Jones will be such a steal threat as before). Atkins deserves the bottom of the lineup, and I'm praying Wieters will earn his way up. I dont know for sure for either one, though. Wigginton and Izturis are fine at the bottom, but I wouldnt expect them there all season...hopefully we'll trade for a new, young SS, and replace Wigginton with someone talented.

Mark said...

Better late than never ...

Adrian -- Yep, you heard it hear first. The O's are finalizing a 3 for 1 deal for Adrian Gonzalez. O's send David Hernandez, Luke Scott and Brandon Snyder.
Ty/Nolan/Felix/Lou rotation